We stand firmly by the notion that people are the greatest asset to any entrepreneurship. We believe in people who are driven by passion, dedication and the will to succeed in their chosen field. We think to partner these people not just with venture investment but also with our whole – hearted support, involvement and guidance. The synergy thus formed between ourselves and the invested company gives tremendous flexibility and compulsion to move forward together.

We are not a fund with a specific investment cycle. This variable gives us enormous flexibility for long term value creation and strategic exit decisions are based more with company management strategy in mind, more or less as a Junior Partner would approach such decisions and based on this the time frame may vary between 3 and 5 years. We partner challenges based on the experience, capabilities and vision of the venture management team and this is truly validated especially in early stage investments as the primary determiners of success. We look to form part of a strong and cohesive team which has the right balance of passion, vision flexibility, confidence and above all realism.

We believe in teams who believe that “change is the only constant” as flexibility is the path to success in a changing world. We hold hands with scientific or industrial innovation based entrepreneurships that have a positive impact in today’s global markets. We actively hold hands with management teams who garner our crucial business building experiences and there is synchronisation of personalities, work philosophy and work systems.

We have offices in India . We mainly invest in companies that are wholly or substantially located in India. However, on a selective basis, we also invest in companies located outside India that are seeking a value added Indian investor to complement their local investor base.

We may or may not prefer to take a board seat in the companies we invest to support the entrepreneur wherever assistance is required. However, we do not seek to control the company we invest in.
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